SBW Three Phase high-Power Compensated Voltage Stabilizer

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The product is by the pillar of contact type self-coupling voltage regulator, automatic sampling, protection, control circuit, low speed synchronous motor, grouped into compensation transformer and other main part, when the mains voltage instability or user load changes caused by the fluctuation, the voltage signal sampling circuit treated synchronous motor, make it move up and down the contact voltage regulator for carbon brush with dynamic column, guarantee the stability of output voltage,  It has the advantages of large capacity, low loss, high efficiency, wide voltage range, high precision, strong protection function, reliable operation and so on. And with phase loss, over voltage, under voltage and over current protection.

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  • SBW mainly consists of pillar contact type voltage regulator, sampling protection circuit,low-speed synchronous machine and compensation transformer.
  • Sampling circuit transfer signal to synchronous machine,then synchronous machine guide the brush regulating,assure steading the output waveform.
  • Large capacity,high effective,small consumption,same waveform,steady&reliable output voltage and overvoltage/overcurrent protection.

SBW Function

  • Auto regulate voltage, Steady output
  • Over-voltage and Over-current protection


Model SBW
Rated power                KVA 10KVA~1600KVA


Stabilize accuracy      V 380±4%
Under voltage protection V 320±7
Over voltage protection V 425±7
Input voltage              V 304~456
Speed regulator           s ﹤1 s (voltage fluctuation>10%)
Temperature rise          K ﹤+60
Frequency               Hz 50/60
Insulation resistance      MΩ ≥5
Withstand voltage       V/1min 2000
Efficiency ﹥95%

Working Condition

Working temperature -5~+40℃, average≤+35℃
Atmospheric pressure 86KPa~106KPa
Humidity ≤90% (25℃)
Altitude ≤1000m
Working condition 1. No chemistry pollution
2. No serious shaking indoor
3. No fire,explosive gas and explosive dust
4. Forbidden parallel connection


Technical Data

  • Rated power(kVA): 10~800
  • Input voltage range (V): 304~456
  • Accuracy (V): 380±3%
  • Standard and certificate
  • JB/T 7620
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DELIXI Brand SBW Series three-phase high power compensated voltage regulator__0
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