TND/SVC Servo Motor Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Short Description:

New Generation TND Series Single phase Two wire Voltage Stabilizer(Servo motor structure) is consist of The control system is composed of linear integrated circuit, which controls the servo motor, drives the contact voltage regulator to adjust the voltage automatically, and has time delay, overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent protection functions. The product has high efficiency, the input and output voltage waveforms are the same, and the output voltage is smooth, stable and reliable

–A new generation of “AC voltage regulator”, Rated power 0.5~30KVA

—high-precision automatic AC voltage regulator designed with aesthetic thinking.

—Appearance design: 3D large R angle, circular gradual change vent, convenient integrated terminal block and LED technology blue light

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Servo Stabilizer with time delay, overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent protection functions.
2.Stabilizer made of high quality copper coil, High quality carbon brush, Advanced PCB, Excellent motor structure and strong metal cover shell.
3.Accurate voltage stabilization, fast response and wide range of input voltage.
4.0.5-10KVA is desktop type appearance; 10-30KVA is cabinet type with wheel.
5.Two voltage display type can be choose: “LED” display, “Analog” display.
6.Certificate CE


Model TND
Input voltage (V) 160-250VAC
Output voltage (V) 220V±1-4%
Output overvoltage protection (V) 246±4
Output undervoltage protection (V) 184±4 (commonly product without under-voltage protection)
Insulation degree F
Protect degree (%) IP20
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Temperature rise (K) <90
Effective (%) >92
Response time (s) <1

Working Condition

Working temperature -5~+40℃, average≤+35℃
Atmospheric pressure 86KPa~106KPa
Humidity ≤90% (25℃)
Altitude ≤1000m
Working condition 1. No chemistry pollution
2. No serious shaking indoor
3. No fire,explosive gas and explosive dust
4. Forbidden parallel connection



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