Power Failure? I don’t allow it! CDQ1F series PC-level excitation type automatic transfer switch shocked the market!

Imagine, hospitals, banks, rail transit, data centers… If these important places suddenly lose power, even for a few seconds, what serious consequences will there be? At this time, a high-performance, high-reliability automatic transfer switch is very important!

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Delixi Electric’s newly launched CDQ1F series PC-level excitation automatic transfer switch has more complete specifications and stronger performance, and the power-off time can be shortened to less than 0.1s, which protects the continuous power consumption of important places!


More complete specifications ONE FOR ALL

CDQ1F automatic transfer switch has a more complete number of poles, a larger current range, and three controllers to meet the individual needs of different customers for economy and functionality. Among them, the C-type LCD controller is equipped with RS485 remote communication as standard, which can expand intelligent power distribution. Not only that, CDQ1F also introduces AC-33A and AC-33iA usage categories for loads such as fire pumps, which are perfectly suitable for high-sensitivity and frequent switching conditions.

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Stronger performance and more sensitive conversion

 CDQ1F automatic transfer switch, the power-off time is shorter, and the application range is greatly expanded. Modular contact group design, better heat dissipation. The C-type controller is equipped with a fuse, which greatly reduces the damage to the controller caused by wrong wiring, and saves a lot of maintenance costs.

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The plug-in extinguishing cover is convenient for observing the wear condition of the contacts, timely maintenance and reducing the risk of power failure. High-quality silver alloy contacts + arc extinguishing mechanism also improve the electrical life and lower the cost of use.


Easy to install and more beautiful

 Delixi family-style appearance design, complete installation with plastic casings and other products is more beautiful, and the cabinet quality is improved; the C-type controller can be flexibly changed between the integral type and the split type, and the installation is more convenient. At the same time, the network cable port is adopted, which is more convenient and economical for expansion and change.

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CDQ1F series automatic transfer switches are more complete, faster, stronger and more reliable, and can be widely used in various places such as hospitals, banks, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, power plants, chemicals, metallurgy, airports, docks, etc., to protect you intimately Electricity safety!

Post time: May-19-2023