DZ47sLES compact leakage protection circuit breaker

DZ47sLES compact leakage protection circuit breaker is a brand-new series of products carefully crafted by integrating innovative technology. This product has narrower width, more convenient wiring, more comprehensive protection and more stable performance! It can be applied to lines with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 230V/400V, and rated current up to 63A and below. It has protection functions such as leakage, overload, and short circuit. It can also increase overvoltage and undervoltage protection functions according to user needs.
DZ47sLES leakage circuit breaker is used for indirect contact protection of people, and overcurrent protection for lines of buildings and similar purposes. also
Provides protection against fires caused by ground faults that persist due to inoperative overcurrent protective devices. with overvoltage protection
Leakage circuit breakers can also protect against excessive voltage rise due to grid faults.
This series of products has been increasingly used in low-voltage power distribution systems as ground fault and direct contact, indirect contact
Backup protection against electric shock.
The circuit breaker comes with 6 different accessories including: OF auxiliary contacts, MX+OF shunt release, SD alarm contacts,
MV overvoltage release, MN undervoltage release and MVMN overvoltage and undervoltage release. When there are multiple accessories installed, the maximum number of installations
Dimensions are less than 54mm.
2 Product model and meaning
2.1 Product model and meaning

Post time: Aug-25-2023