KG816B Digital display AC220V timer switch controller

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KG816B time control switch is applicable to the control circuit with AC 50/60Hz voltage below 220V as a delay timing element. It can switch on or off the power supply of various control circuits at a predetermined time. It is applicable to street lights, neon lights, advertising signs, radio and television equipment and various household appliances.

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  • 24Hours/7Days Programmable -- 24 hours/7 days a week programmable. Repeat programs with 16 on/off settings, and setting on/off manually. Reasonable and accurate designs
  • LCD Display LED Indicators -- Countdown function. LCD display with LED indicators, easy to read. Suitable 35mm DIN Rail mounted, maximum 24 hours countdown to OFF
  • Automatically Turns On and Off -- The programmable timer outlet can automatically turns on and off lamps and other electrical devices, save your time and costs on electricity
  • Extend Your Appliances Life -- 16 ON/OFF programs per day, 15 combinations to a week, practical use, extend the life of your appliances, protect your home
  • Allows Clear Rading
    LCD displays real time to Hour/Minute and ON/AUTO/OFF, Digital electronics general purpose time switch with daily and weekly programs
    Easily set up to 8 on/off programs for the 3-prong grounded outlet timer. Very easy to program and use. Settings can be as short as one minute
    Choose your own individual days or simply select one of the convenient pre-set combination days.
    The digital timer is energy-efficient and money-saving. Save costs on electricity. Let you master the home electricity situation, control life with ease. Applicable to a variety of electrical appliances. Ideal for lighting, cooling systems, heating systems, indoor sprinklers, humidifiers, aquariums, nebulizers, ventilators, and more.
    Turn on and off lamps, small appliances, Christmas trees, and other electrical devices with a timer.


Model KG816B
Manufacturer Guangxi PRECISION(GXPR)
Control power voltage (Us) AC220V, AC380V
Conventional thermal current (Ith) 10A
AC-15 Rated voltage (V) 380/240
AC-15 Rated current (A) 1.9/3
Daily travel average error ±2s (24hour)
Switching times 8 times ON, 8 times OFF everyday
Mechanical life ≥1,000,000times
Electrical life ≥100,000times


  • Rated Voltage: AC220V-240V;
  • Contact Capacity: 10A
  • Full Time Range: 1Min-168Hours;
  • Programmable: 16times/week or day
  • Power failure memory: 60days;
  • Operate Temperature: -10 to +40 C
  • Net weight: 120g
  • Up to 16times On/Off programs everyday
  • Programs repeat every 24 hours
  • Use on lights, fans, coffee machines and more
  • Slim and compact
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