DELIXI New Upgrade CDM3S 1P+N/2P/3P/4PA/4PB moulded case circuit breaker

Short Description:

Introduction: CDM3S series products are a new generation of products, while retaining the best classic technology. This series includes CDM3S thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker, CDM3LS residual current operated circuit breaker and CDM3G disconnector

Navigator series new CDM3S molded case circuit breaker. In low-voltage distribution lines, a mechanical switch that can connect, carry and break current under normal circuit conditions, and can also connect, carry and break current for a certain period of time under specified abnormal circuits, is used in distribution lines. Provide protection for lines and equipment in the event of overload, short circuit, and undervoltage (accessory function). It is widely used in low-voltage power places such as electric power, construction, industry, OEM, etc.



The products are more cost-effective, efficient and reliable, and can meet the application requirements of various types of customers.

Technology and Features:

Higher endurance. Covers 63 to 1600 shell frames.

The structural design is stronger. Brand-new boss design, optimized panel structure, 63/100 frame added guide rail installation.

Higher safety and reliability. Patented arc extinguishing chamber design, narrow slot arc extinguishing technology.

Accessories are more diverse. Contains electrical accessories, operating accessories, installation accessories and other accessories

Stronger wiring capability. Adopt innovative communication function of thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker. Maximum increase in terminal opening size with hexagon socket head cap screws.

The protection ability is stronger. Innovative closed design using electronic circuit board (CDM3LS)


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