GXB1-63B Ewelink WiFi Relay Type Smart Switch

Short Description:

GXB1-63B is a smart wifi control branch switch, Applicable to rated frequency, rated voltage AC230V/AC400V, rated current is 63A. Use for loads not exceed 5000W and with optional kW/A/V monitor function. 2 type for you select, monitor type & without monitor type.

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1. Remote control at anytime from anywhere
2. Timer ON/OFF
3. Scene setting, home scene(Turn on the light, turn on the water heater, turn on the TV, turn on the air conditioner,)going out scene(Turn off the lights, turn off the water heater, turn off the TV, turn off the air conditioner, etc.)
4. Sharing devices with family and friends
5. 18 mm Din Rail install


Model GXB1-63B
Rated voltage AC230V
Operate voltage range AC120-280V
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Number of poles 1P.2P
Rated current (In) 1A,5A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A
Leakage protection 1P (no leakage protection), 2P (with leakage protection)
Mechanical life 10,000 times
Electrical life 10,000 times
Power  consumption 3W
Ambient temperature -5 °℃~+40 ℃
Limit service temperature -25 °℃~+70 °℃
Maxi mum wiring capacity 16mm2
Optional Monitor function type
Settable current range 1-63A
Settable voltage range 110-280V
Settable Over-voltage range 275V
2Pole Leakage 30mA


Checklist Before Using The Device
1.Your smart phone should be connected 2.4GWIFI with internet
2.Down the tuya App from App Store or Google Play store,create an account and log in.
3.During pairing process, make sure that your IOS or Android device and the Tuya device is within the range of the router.
4.The device only supports 2.4G network Please don`t connect to a 5G network or hybrid network
5.Enter correct WIFI passwords ,Make sure that your WIFI SSID and Passwords don`t contain special characters


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