DELIXI Brand CDCH8s household AC contactor

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CDCH8s household ac contactor as long as applied to ac 50 hz, working voltage 250 v / 400 v electric current in the circuit of 20A – 63A, is used to control the tiny dots are household electrical appliances such as microwave oven, electric cooker, etc., can also be used for motor household electrical appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. And for this product is safe and reliable, high service life, no noise at work, are widely used in hospitals and hotels, and other important places.

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1.Perfect Design
Small size, smooth and beautiful appearance, novel structure, direct-acting flip-chip design.

2.Safe and efficient
Selected raw materials, advanced and mature production processes are safe and reliable, with high service life.

3.Easy to install
Modular control electrical appliances, standard DIN rail installation, easy installation and disassembly.


Contractor model CDCH8s-16 2P CDCH8s-16 4P CDCH8s-202P CDCH8s-204P CDCH8s-252P CDCH8s-254P CDCH8s-402P CDCH8s-404P CDCH8s-632P CDCH8s-63 4P
Rated insulation voltage(V) 500
Conventional heating current(A) 25 63
Rated working current(A) AC-7a 16 20 25 40 63
AC-7b 6 7 8.5 15 20
Number of operation cycles(times) ≥30000
Rated operating frequency(A) AC-7a 360
AC-7b 360 180 180 120 90
Making and breaking capacity(A) AC-7a 1.05le
AC-7b 6le
Short-time withstand current(A) 8le(AC-7b)/10s
Coil Control Supply Voltage(Us)(V) AC24V  AC220-240V
Allowable control loop voltage(A) pull-in 85%-110%Us
release 20%-75%Us
Standards compliant IEC6109/GB17885
Compliant certification CE、CCC


DELIXI Brand CDCH8s household AC contactor6
DELIXI Brand CDCH8s household AC contactor3
DELIXI Brand CDCH8s household AC contactor4

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